At the Produce Terminal job site, two Clista Electric employees were true heroes.  We are proud to recognize Jack Nystrom and Andy Arsnault for their superior intuition when noticing a roofer looked to be overheated when returning to work.  They convinced him to let them take him inside where they gave him water and called the foreman.  PJ Dick’s superintendent was informed of the situation by the project manager while they proceeded to put ice on his neck and under his arms to cool down the roofer.  When they realized this still wasn’t helping, an ambulance was called.

It turns out the roofer was very close to having heat stroke, and if it wasn’t for Jack and Andy recognizing the roofer was in trouble, he could have easily suffered a heat stroke or worse.  As a result, PJ Dick, the general contractor on the job, awarded both men with the Safety Recognition Award.

Congratulations, and Clista is truly honored to have you part of the team!

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