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The History of Clista Electric

Clista Electric is proud to be a family owned and operated business founded by CEO, Mike Clista Sr.  In 1983, he started his own company due to the Steel Mills beginning to close.  Inspired by his 3 sons and wife, Mike was determined to grow the company to create jobs for others.  As a result, 36 years later, the dream truly became a reality. With over 120 employees and averaging 80 projects a year, the hard work has paid off. 

Today, Mike Clista Jr. runs the company which he has always strived to do.  20 years ago, he joined the apprenticeship because he was determined to learn from the ground up. In the following years, he worked in various roles to gain insight in how all positions are integral in making the company a success.  Matt Clista has been actively involved in the company supporting operations his whole career. 

Clista is located in the Pittsburgh area and supports all of Western PA. We are licensed to do work in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
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Stepping Towards Continued Success

The Clista Family is dedicated to the success of our partners and clients. We constantly seek to improve technology, better approach energy efficiency, and find new ways of enhancing design using light and visual engagement.  We encourage our employees to be active and involved in their day-to-day assignments while sustaining an enjoyable and safe workplace. In the true spirit of community, we do our best to give back where we can. In short, we are proud of our rich history, and happy to play whatever role we can in bringing power to life.


Clista embraces the team mentality across the organization. The success of the company is fully reliant on the dedication of our amazing staff. Over 1/3 of the employees have been working for Clista for more than 10 years.  This counters nicely with the many new hires we have had over the past few years due to growth. To celebrate the success of the company and dedication of the employees, the company has several outings. The Annual Holiday Party, Labor Day Celebration, and various cookouts/luncheons sponsored by Clista Electric are some of the few most looked forward to by the employees.

Community Involvement

Clista Electric takes pride in supporting the community which it serves.

Let's Work Together!

Clista Electric brings power to life by delivering high quality, safe and efficient electrical services to every project.

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