Greenlight:  Benefits Future Generations

As commercial electrical contractors, we are in the position to help our clients make a positive impact on the environment.  First, Greenlight is our effort to help clients use more eco-sensitive ways to power a project.  It also helps you spec smarter and be more efficient all around.  As a result, we are always excited to apply sustainable principles to our jobs.  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a program that offers certifications for green buildings.  We are well-versed in working within LEED® Standards hence the Clista Greenlight Team is always ready to go. Forward-facing and future focused, we are committed to innovation since it will help sustain the quality of life of future generations.

We don’t slow or stop: Greenlight goes.
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Mike Clista Jr.

Leadership in Energy and Environment (LEED) Projects

Clista has completed several LEED certified projects and the number continues to grow. Clista will continue to support the sustainability effort because the electrical services and products selected for a LEED Project play a viable role. For instance, the reduced energy use during the building’s life-cycle performance contributes to the overall LEED score. As a result, Clista will ensure the products and services selected drive towards the best score possible.

Lighting enables visual engagement within any environment.  In recent years, manufacturers have become more innovative and client requirements for energy efficiency have raised the performance and sustainability bar ever higher. 

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