University Commons


Carlow University

Completion Date


Building Specs

82,500 square feet

General Contractor

Massaro Construction Company


First LEED Certified Building at Carlow University

project Summary:

One of the five core values at Carlow University is discovery. Student engagement with the educational enterprise and global awareness is facilitated through access to information. The University Commons is a place – physically and virtual – that stokes the intellectual curiosity of our students and instills within them a desire to learn. 

In support of a movement throughout Oakland to make properties more environmentally friendly, Carlow positioned their University to follow this trend.  Committed to reducing energy, emissions, and water usage by 2030, they set out to upgrade and renovate their library.  When all was said and done, Clista’s work at Carlow University Commons enabled a 19% reduction in energy, resulting in Carlow’s first building to achieve LEED Certification.

Working in the confines of an existing building that was open to student and faculty required creative thinking to maneuver large equipment through the facility.  Safety measures were put in place to protect both the building visitors and Clista staff on site.  The five-story building incorporates various audiovisual-enhanced rooms for students to collaborate on projects, practice interview and presentation techniques, share content from their laptops to wall-mounted displays and attend large presentation lectures. The newly renovated Grace Library creates a new heart for Carlow, providing students with a comfortable haven for collaborative and study opportunities.

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