UPMC Luna Parking Garage



Completion Date


Building Specs

364,000 square feet
1,000 Parking Spaces

Graves Architects

General Contractor

Mosites Construction Company

project Summary:

The new Luna Parking Garage features 5-Stories, 1,000 Spaces as well as new road and intersections, pedestrian walks, and retaining walls.  For Clista, this UPMC Parking Garage involved a very unique lighting system. We furnished and installed 70 watt LED Eclipse Delmar fixtures. These fixtures can save up to 60% of the energy consumed by a conventional 150 watt metal halide commonly used in parking structures. Furthermore, these lights are controlled by a dolly base full addressable network system.  A computer in a remote location can turn each light or zone on/off or dimmed saving even more energy.  We completed the challenging project by working in tandem with the architect and general contractor. In addition, all work was performed immediately adjacent to Norfolk Southern Rail right-of-way. 


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